This is your guide to how we like our visuals at SportsEngine. Have a look. We hope you like what you see.

Our logo is the embodiment of the SportsEngine brand. That’s a lot of pressure, but our logo is ready for the challenge. You can help make sure our logo is up to the task by treating it nicely and not altering the look.

Color SportsEngine Primary Logo
White Color SportsEngine Primary Logo

Black Color SportsEngine Primary Logo

Primary Logo

This is your go-to logo for most applications. There are three color options depending on what you need.

Download primary logo vector or png

Black Color SportsEngine Secondary Logo

Secondary Logo

This alternative option stacks the logo and is great in situations where room is tighter.

Download secondary logo vector or png

Black Color SportsEngine Icon Logo

Icon Logo

The icon logo is intended to support our primary logo or for applications where the other logos won’t fit.

Download icon logo vector or png

All SportsEngine Logos

Download all SportsEngine Logos

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Clear Space

Make sure there’s enough room between the logo and the objects around it. Don’t box the logo in – we want to make sure it has room to shine on its own.

Clear Space for Primary Logo Clear Space for Secondary Logo Clear Space for Bug Logo

Incorrect Usage

Help the logo look its best by following these rules. These apply to primary logo, secondary logo, and icon logo.

Do not resize proportions or logo elements.

Do not convert a full color logo to grayscale or half-tone tints.

Do not remove any elements of the logo.

Do not change the color of the logo.

Do not rotate, stretch, squash or skew the logo in any way.

Do not eliminate or change the typography.

Do not obstruct any portion of the logo with another graphic element.

Do not use the elements of the logo to create another logo.

Do not place the logo on a background that affects the legibility of the logo.

Do not use the black & white version in a color other than black or white.


Our colors help give us our personality. We’re bright and bold. Just make sure you stick to our primary colors and use the secondary colors in their intended backup role. You can either download the colors directly to your machine, or right click the color to copy the Hex values to your clipboard.

Primary Colors



RGB: 35, 40, 43
CMYK: 76, 65, 61, 66
PMS 419



RGB: 242, 243, 244
CMYK: 4, 2, 2, 0
PMS 663



RGB: 0, 140, 195
CMYK: 100, 30, 0, 0
PMS 299

Secondary Colors



RGB: 0, 168, 70
CMYK: 80, 0, 100, 0
PMS 368



RGB: 240, 180, 40
CMYK: 0, 30, 100, 0
PMS 130



RGB: 180, 40, 70
CMYK: 20, 100, 70, 0
PMS 1788

Web & Print Colors Icon

Digital & Print Colors

Download digital specific color or print specific colors in ASE format.

Download Digital Download Print


There are thousands of typefaces available. But for the sake of simplicity, you only have to worry about the two families below. The examples show you each of our fonts and how they come to life in most of our campaigns.


Forza Bold


Forza Medium


Forza Light


Gotham Medium


Gotham Book


Gotham Light


Print Typography Guide

The greatest game deserves the greatest tools.

So simple everyone can do it.

SportsEngine partners with sports organizations everywhere, providing a total solution to simplify your operations and enhance the experience for your families and athletes. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum tortor ex, maximus quis imperdiet sit amet, facilisis id leo. Sed accumsan et nisl quis dapibus. Integer faucibus metus felis, quis suscipit quam vulputate quis. Etiam efficitur volutpat ex, vitae facilisis leo consequat id. Quisque bibendum justo vel pharetra imperdiet. Nunc consequat velit vitae elit posuere rhoncus. Duis sit amet risus eget enim consectetur rutrum sit amet sit amet felis. Etiam malesuada sapien in varius pulvinar.

Call 1-888-379-1035

Headline: Forza Bold, Subhead: Forza Medium, Body: Gotham Book, Call to Action: Gotham Bold

Digital Typography Guide

h1: Primary Header

Forza Bold, 48px, line-height: 1.33333, margin: 0 0 .16667em

h2: Secondary Header

Gotham-Medium, 24px line-height: 1.33333, margin: 0 0 .66667em, uppercase, letter-spacing: .025em

h3: Category Header

Forza Medium, 20px, line-height: 1.3, margin: 0 0 .3em, letter-spacing: .0125em

h4: Subhead

Gotham Medium, 16px, line-height: 1.5

h5: Identifier

Forza Light, 16px, line-height: 1.5, letter-spacing: 0.025em

body copy: Paragraph

Gotham Book, 16px, line-height: 150% , margin: 0 0 1.5em


Vitesse Light, 24px, line-height: 160%, margin: 20px 0

Example of Web

Your sports life, simplified.

Coaches, families, and volunteers are reclaiming valuable time, staying connected, and managing every aspect of their organization. SportsEngine is how.

Who Uses SportsEngine?

From the smallest clubs to national governing bodies, thousands of sports organizations from around the world come to us unified by one goal: to create a more rewarding experience for every single member they serve.

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To learn what other sports organizations like yours are doing, and to tailor a solution for your organization, complete the form and we’ll get in touch.

h1, body – h2, body – h3, body


Icons are a great way visually reinforce our messaging. Use icons to support copy or provide a visual representation of a sport or feature. Don’t see the icon you’re looking for? Contact us.



SportsEngine is about enabling people to live more. So it’s important we use photography that demonstrates that. We love active, engaging photography showing not just sports, but also life moments. And always make sure you have the rights to use a particular photo.

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